Shy Snail Sticks Eyes Out Of Shell

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Dehydration by Loxbeats
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  • I can't believe a mere fish made me fall out from my bed.

    • how dare you talk about a fish like that >:(

      Jesse JordanJesse JordanNapja
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Elektra WalkerElektra WalkerNapja
    • Man that scared the shit outta me

      Elektra WalkerElektra WalkerNapja
    • Lol

      Xx VrXx Vr5 napja
    • Time stamp?

      213421347 napja
  • 1:30 Jesus that's powerful

    I eat crayons for breakfastI eat crayons for breakfastNapja
  • 1:58 wtf…

    King some LostKing some LostNapja
    • 🤣🤣

      Joud SulimanyJoud SulimanyNapja
  • Wth people in China drive over that? That isn't really safe

    Evan HammonsEvan HammonsNapja
  • Birds soul left its body and stuck to the window

    PRT001PRT0012 napja
  • Lol

    MAXS IDMAXS ID2 napja
  • 1:21 umm 🙄

    SvSv2 napja
  • 0:30 Scared the hell out of me

    Sevien GamingSevien Gaming2 napja
  • i flenched!!! 0:31

    Ghalya SaberGhalya Saber3 napja
  • 0:35 Made in China

    ArshArsh3 napja
  • poor fox

    Keila Samantha LaurinariaKeila Samantha Laurinaria3 napja
  • 0:54 highlights allies through walls

    ManiacShrimpManiacShrimp5 napja
  • Ok

    KingOf(All)GodzillasKingOf(All)Godzillas5 napja
  • The meteor hammer is called chain knife in sf3

    Shakthi NandanShakthi Nandan5 napja
  • The bird ran into a window? I thought birds fly into a window

    MewnhouseMewnhouse5 napja
  • 0:08 gary: meow(where is spongebob)

    mr.grand3l4 gamesmr.grand3l4 games6 napja
  • Omg the wepon chines is good for qoofing for asses yeah

  • Is that Gary?

    Dimple BraveDimple Brave6 napja
  • you could drive over that bridge

    emma7471 emma7471emma7471 emma74716 napja
  • Interesting how a single fish With a big mouth Almost made me choke *Right in front of my friends.*

    EC - 05DG 899320 Westacres PSEC - 05DG 899320 Westacres PS7 napja
  • Nemo

    TwinklesucksTwinklesucks7 napja
  • That bird left a signature on the building. He couldn't use the pen when signing the lease.

    KrillacreatKrillacreat7 napja
  • 1:35 my puppy also did that lol

    • i really thought my puppy died

  • When I look at the snail, I actually thought its Turbo.

    Zayn SZayn S7 napja
  • The unequaled surgeon adversely compete because keyboard micrencephaly type onto a direful character. wholesale, forgetful dock

    anges barbaraanges barbara8 napja
  • I thought this guy died...

    Dylan TDylan T8 napja
  • That cat may have been having a petit mal seizure.

    Helen Rowlett-BarbuHelen Rowlett-Barbu8 napja
  • That bird went to heven and left his soul on the window

    lil zay litlil zay lit8 napja
  • Creeppy eyes.

    Caranguejo AladoCaranguejo Alado8 napja
  • Pretty sure that fox was vaccinated, no need for the mask....

    Crawl IntoTheCalmCrawl IntoTheCalm8 napja
  • no one: the snail: 0 0

    Alexis GarciaAlexis Garcia8 napja
  • He’s one very shy boi

    ItzStarlightItzStarlight8 napja
  • Who would drive over that bridge in good condiotion

    David LambertDavid Lambert8 napja
  • A conch can look quite cartoonish but they're also extremely deadly didn't they have a harpoon which is poisonous which they use to kill fish but it's just as deadly to humans !

    George HeroyGeorge Heroy8 napja
  • Meteor hammer looks cool but if you simply block it with a shield, then the guy finds himself holding a rope when a guy with a sword of spear is coming to stab him

    NGC 7635NGC 76359 napja
  • Bit a minute. I am thinking it's a animated.😂

    Study To studyStudy To study9 napja
  • Poor bird was I can belive I can fl- bleh 🤕

    Mooncatz GamingMooncatz Gaming9 napja
  • Nice ending with the fox video. Thanks

    Now NowNow Now9 napja
  • こっちみんな!!

    siroumarusiroumaru9 napja
  • That snail makes me so uncomfortable

    DaimsyDaimsy9 napja
  • Lo enjoye si gracias

    JoyMasuJoyMasu9 napja
  • Change the voice it sounds too gay

    Zackery DunnZackery Dunn9 napja
  • He said the bird ran into the window 😐

    Shay de KlarkShay de Klark9 napja
  • contrary to popular belief, that snail is not shy, it scared for its freaking life lmao

    IloveyoulikeXOIloveyoulikeXO9 napja
  • That fox one Respect for the man

    The Gamercat And Bad Piggies Fan2030The Gamercat And Bad Piggies Fan203010 napja
  • Spongebob: Gaaary!

    McCoy TingosiaMcCoy Tingosia10 napja
  • Spongebob: Gaaary!

    McCoy TingosiaMcCoy Tingosia10 napja
  • Cousins wife had their cat fell asleep on her laps, which was very rare. After some time she started petting him, and noticed he was very loose. We all got spooked by how loose and non reactive he was, when she tried to wake him. Then shook him quite violently, thinking he might be dead. This was like forever before all the shaking and moving his head, body and limbs woke him up. We were so freaked. And the fact it was very rare, that he would get to sleep on top of any of them, just gave this instant feeling of "he came to say the last good bye"... He's still ok though after maybe 2 months from this day

    Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-pPolish guy with hard to spell name ;-p10 napja
  • What does the fox say?

    QuadFlopriseQuadFloprise11 napja
  • Gary eres tú??🤔

    Montse AlonsoMontse Alonso11 napja
  • Fun fact: Cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents on the air

  • Is that snail toxic?

    NCTzen lifeNCTzen life11 napja
  • 2:55 ye I've had loads of birds try getting in through my bedroom window, just meet glass... Very hilarious actually though they didn't leave any major enough cracks to see (doesn't mean they didn't leave them, just they're very smol)

    Dip UniversalDip Universal11 napja
  • 0:53 i thought it was the battlefield 6 trailer or something

    RyugaRyuga11 napja
  • The definition of "My soul went out of my body" 2:46

    JuanZuPabsJuanZuPabs11 napja
  • The army installed a star war mode in their night vision

    TchbastTchbast11 napja
  • most of is fake

    andyaction2679andyaction267911 napja
  • The us army showing their cool goggles 🥽 Me: S T A R W A R S L A Z E R S : 0

    Y/Ns SisterY/Ns Sister11 napja
  • That snail looks like Gary

    The travelling steampunk KittyThe travelling steampunk Kitty11 napja
  • 0:32 I wouldn’t drive over that bridge even on a sunny day

    Justin StergarJustin Stergar11 napja
  • god, I nearly jumped out of my seat when that fish attacked the camera!!!

    The NightingaleThe Nightingale11 napja
  • Ok. That fox was SO cute.

    Shauna PurcellShauna Purcell11 napja
  • Drive? Why do they make bridges out of plastic bags in china?

    Matas RailaMatas Raila11 napja
  • Freakin fish

    Armitshu GamesArmitshu Games11 napja
  • The young sponge intradurally borrow because substance commercially face mid a tremendous thing. steady, arrogant typhoon

    big dbig d11 napja
  • He is the only youtuber with no click baits

    Venkata ChalapathiVenkata Chalapathi12 napja
  • its gary

    withered bun bunswithered bun buns12 napja
  • At 0:53 : Random dumb people: welcome to world war laser tag Me: ok I'm interested of this

    FHK as NoelFHK as Noel12 napja
  • Cute 🐌

    J NüssleinJ Nüsslein12 napja
  • "Made in China"

    Bessie April MadriagaBessie April Madriaga12 napja
  • Is that Gary from SpongeBob Squarepants?...

    Akshay DevadigaAkshay Devadiga12 napja
  • that fish jump scared me

    Dysen UtkeDysen Utke12 napja
  • The girl: crying ab her cat not waking up me: bro just let the cat sleep my god

    MarshMarsh12 napja
  • thats the firefox fox!

    csscss12 napja
  • Waaaaaaaay too much catnip. Might want to cut back a little

    TheLight IsOnTheLight IsOn12 napja
  • He looks like turbo lol

    Pika StudioPika Studio12 napja
  • 2:46 best clip. 2021

    ManOfWar GTManOfWar GT12 napja
  • I almost had a heart attack just because a fish

    Sunoo’s aegyoSunoo’s aegyo12 napja
  • 0:38 Only people in China make architecture that bad.

    RollinontheboardRollinontheboard12 napja
  • a mmm that snail looks like he walked in on something he wasn't supposed to see

    Chhabria EnlandChhabria Enland13 napja
  • 0:26 thats what you get for drowning the fish >:O

    Mr FatRat ERAMr FatRat ERA13 napja
  • Why does that conch snail looks adorable af

    1k subs with no videos?1k subs with no videos?13 napja
  • These jumpscares are so unnecessary :(

    YanamiYanami13 napja
  • That cat is dead bro

    ¿QUE?¿QUE?13 napja
  • These nights vision look like from halo odst

    Mr.XMr.X13 napja
  • China scares me even more now wtf

    Tony ToumaTony Touma13 napja
  • you mean to tell me the girl from killbill trained to be a master fighter of an ancient type of weapon.

    SirenSiren13 napja
  • Lol the snail was infected by parasite

    Kcm2Kcm213 napja
  • ✔. 500 👍🏻 ,

  • Missed opportunity she could have rubbed her face on the cats belly without any consequences.

    Galibx23Galibx2313 napja
  • 0:08 Gary!!! Long time no see bro lol

    ok megok meg13 napja
  • the fox is so fake

    D GD G13 napja
  • That bridge got all types of "fuck no vibes" about it

    B1g DUD3 Eddie BauerB1g DUD3 Eddie Bauer13 napja

    aetaet13 napja
  • That bridge was on demon time😳

    rio Riorio Rio14 napja
  • Awwwww the fox

    Zoeya KhanZoeya Khan14 napja
  • the bridge over troubled water

    CarlosCarlos14 napja
  • that fish was like "u aint gonna escape like that"

    denz reactdenz react14 napja
  • 0:09 idk why but he looks somewhat like wall -E

    Shambhavi SharmaShambhavi Sharma14 napja
  • thats not a snail. its a boss battle.

    cupcake jotunhel OwOcupcake jotunhel OwO14 napja