Red Lightning Caught On Camera

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The Red Sprite video was shot in eastern Kansas by storm photographer Scott Currens. Please visit his channel to see more Red Sprite and severe weather footage.


Dog \u0026 Cat:

Rocket Mission:

Snow Leopard:

Playing Cards:

Jellyfish: pCOhG7Cahj...

Dog Pool: gigithesaint


Cat Toes:

Human Egg:




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  • People seem to be confused about the human eggs shown in this video. All living humans were once a tiny little egg made by your biological mother. If you're confused about human eggs, I'm guessing you do not know how babies are made.

    Jimmy ShadowJimmy ShadowHónapja
    • *you mean s-*

      Arlene RilloArlene Rillo7 napja
    • they made by when the female’s eggs are ready and the male can make sperm so the sperm tri- ALRIGHT GOOGLE THE REST!! :)

      Janice DeProsperoJanice DeProspero29 napja
    • and that's exactly why i find abortion sad.

      Anti AliasingAnti Aliasing29 napja
    • Boy

    • Someone can know how baby’s are made and still be confused at the same time

      AstromelonXD _AstromelonXD _Hónapja
  • Haters will say it’s fake

    Никола Кока КолаНикола Кока Кола3 órája
  • ​ @Human finisher Well.. technically, an "egg" is "aborted" every month once a woman reaches maturity.. as long as it in not fertilized. Hence our "periods/menstruation".

  • 1:35 What Mario does when he sees a plane

    I'm a PizzaI'm a PizzaNapja
  • *human eggs* me: were not mammals?

    flurry rush gamerflurry rush gamerNapja
  • cool vid

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  • 0:27 So none of ya'll are talking about this part 🤣

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  • I didn't know that Jimmy Shadow

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  • human EGG?!

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  • 1:33 i thought he was gonna throw him across the room

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  • 00:52 when my mom threatans me if i dont clean my room and i dont

    Zer0 GamerZer0 Gamer5 napja
  • 0:44 my dog trying to scare my cousin

    Ayden GarciaAyden Garcia5 napja
  • Dog: i am not the kind of man i thought i was...

    The Raj ShowThe Raj Show6 napja
  • fun fact human eggs are the largest human cell and the only cell in the body that can be seen with the naked eye. Spermatazao is the smallest.

  • 2:48 Man: I believe I can fl- whoaa!

    Aman7-YTAman7-YT7 napja
  • Wow I'm actually surprised how big a human egg is.

    ClaytonClayton7 napja
  • 0:44 when i tell my mom i finished my homework but she knew i didnt and i start running

    DerpyTurtelDerpyTurtel7 napja
  • The egg is SO BIG, I would've never imagine it being visible to the naked eye

    Bruce KavarnaBruce Kavarna7 napja
  • 0:09 looking like a team of demons

  • I saw green lightning ????

    How to train Your animationHow to train Your animation8 napja
    • Oh no

      badibadibadibadi5 napja
  • how did u get those eggs is my question lol

    art-tips-with-briart-tips-with-bri8 napja
  • 0:51 when you try to go in front of people then remembers that you are a introvert ;-;

    CyberCelestaCyberCelesta8 napja
  • The pointless crack partially soothe because manicure eventually coach beside a loud chauffeur. fretful, jazzy shovel

    Stewart piersStewart piers8 napja
  • 0:10 oh hey its the night before christmas

    candicandi8 napja
  • I love that hedgehog T posing :) he's a great airplane.

    Mr.Mischief IknowyourpasswordMr.Mischief Iknowyourpassword9 napja
  • 1:35 he really do be 3d model

    warped strider11warped strider1110 napja
  • That so called space image is a doctored photo. The first images are real though. No more propaganda ok?

    Now NowNow Now10 napja
    • @Now Now you have ur own beliefs and ur free to have ‘em sooooo…ok sure, you do you

      badibadibadibadi4 napja
    • @badibadi Seriously, if you look for satellites, actual time lapse footage of spinning globe, iss flyby footage f it circling spherical earth, Hubble photography of spinning spherical earth, you won’t find it. It doesn’t exist. It never did. Space as it’s told to us only exists in Hollywood. Go look for those things and please look for photos . This is 2021 , the video age. This info should be abundant and actual. Instead we get goofy cgi. Then search Flat Earth in Google. You will see that the goofy images you find on Google search match the pinned first 15 or so videos when you search flat earth. HUlabel had to testify to congress that they would suppress flat earth movement and then they did. Aren’t people smart emerging to discern info for themselves? We are talking about science. If it’s bs then the bs should be easily found out. They created a fake trillion dollar industry. So many whys. I’m deleting this in 1 hour or so. I hope people read it and check things out for themselves. Notice all I could possibly gain is more ridicule? Im not making money. I have no channel. Check it out. Note, many of the debunk channels DO make money and their run by gov. Anyway good luck .

      Now NowNow Now5 napja
    • @Now Now lol ok

      badibadibadibadi5 napja
    • @badibadi So answer one of my questions. You cannot. You’re just another mindless name caller. A zero. You people like to bully your way through by insulting and act like you win an argument. Then more clowns follow behind you thinking the same. Stop being weak.

      Now NowNow Now5 napja
    • People, we have another flat-earther. AKA another Karen who read some ‘articles’ on Facebook.

      badibadibadibadi5 napja
  • ``space`` is made in hollywood basement

  • Since when the word sperm became so dirty, we actually need to replace it with human eggs

    Vasya VasilichVasya Vasilich10 napja
  • Those people literally knew each other when they were eggs

    Veian GoranVeian Goran11 napja
  • Hmm, seems like red lightning was leaked by the Daily Dose guy for Elden Ring's dragon boss. Seems legit.

    Chihiro_FujisakiChihiro_Fujisaki11 napja
  • Cannibal; Mmmm! Human eggs for breakfast ... .... ....

    TheSchmoTheSchmo11 napja
  • When you saw the earth is round it's round.

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  • 1:32 "Talk about low budget flights! No food or movies? I'm outta here, I like running better!"

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  • i wanna see 100 human eggs next to a coin

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  • Human Eggs?

    Kay’shotsKay’shots11 napja
    • Yea? What’s wrong

      badibadibadibadi5 napja
    • Yes

      ItAbel3362ItAbel33626 napja
  • love the grafics at 1.14

    simao barreirasimao barreira11 napja
    • wdym

      Mudkip909Mudkip90910 napja
  • I'm still wondering how they got a human egg

    LL11 napja
    • From in a human

      ItAbel3362ItAbel33626 napja
  • Snow leopard was just making a HUlabel react-channel thumbnail

    Wulfhere CyningWulfhere Cyning12 napja
  • Wow kewl vid

    BlueIceKirby yyBlueIceKirby yy12 napja
  • I DIED AT THE SNOW LEOPARD 🤣 and at 2:03 you could have just grabbed the sponges there

    Gabe AlderGabe Alder12 napja
  • ok you are making my 6 late assignment work less stressful

    spy633 minecraft!spy633 minecraft!12 napja
  • 1:20

    Flor GrovesFlor Groves12 napja
  • my dog ate 3 cats this week

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  • He said red sprites and I thought about cranberry sprite dont ask

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  • When the red things came up I was like “is that the mind flayer-?”

    Ghøst_11Ghøst_1112 napja
  • Jelly fishy?

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  • The red lightning is just a thunder god giving someone a fate worse than death

    Grey KnightGrey Knight13 napja
  • UHHH... That wasn't "Red Lightning"... THAT WAS THE FUCKING BEYONDERS

    Grey The OddGrey The Odd13 napja
  • That's not lighting thats satan

    · Diamo̸nd ·· Diamo̸nd ·13 napja
  • If you're watching this 3 weeks from now you're a legend

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    • Make it 4

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  • They saw the Red Lightning? Cmon, I was just having a little fun!

    ShaggyShaggy13 napja

    Oh YeahOh Yeah14 napja
  • I didn't think that the human eggs were so big, I mean, they are just cells, right?

    PixelTomPixelTom14 napja
    • Chicken eggs are cells, but are big, cells can be big

      Luca BraliaLuca Bralia7 napja
    • Well, they're bigger than I expected.

      AmogusAmogus12 napja
  • Flash theme intensifies

    Maria EnjambreMaria Enjambre14 napja
  • humankind will never stop amusing me. 11M subs, FOR WHAT??? lol stupid

    Lifebee LifeBeeLifebee LifeBee14 napja
    • For DDOI? The best channel out there? Oh! Oh, you’re not from this world? Oh ok.

      badibadibadibadi5 napja
  • “NO! YOU CAN’T JUST CHANGE COLOR!” Lightning: “haha red go brrr

    ThesoulofprosThesoulofpros14 napja
  • Thats not red lighting thats an escape ship being taken out

    Isaac greenoughIsaac greenough14 napja
  • Sad to see you pinned a comment about miss information. Human eggs are made by biological grand mother. I guess it's easy to be confused about that. A mother [human female] is born with all her eggs that were created while inside her mother. In other words a mother carries her grand babies eggs in her womb. Therefore biological grand mothers make the eggs.

    STONEDaySTONEDay14 napja
  • 0:26 SPIDER MAN come get your daghter 😆

    Infamous_mooseInfamous_moose15 napja
  • 0:09 looks like a anime boss

    ZADZ AND JEZ PLaysZADZ AND JEZ PLays15 napja

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  • That snow leopard reaction tho 🤣🤣

    Xiiao BinXiiao Bin15 napja
  • at least it's not low quality

    Tang ToedTang Toed15 napja
  • now my question is if this man ejaculated and put his egg on a table to record a video for anyone to see. if he did man what a genius way to make a vid.

    GeeGee15 napja
    • the eggs come from females

      ItAbel3362ItAbel33626 napja
  • Sith lord out there having too much fun

    DonavinDonavin15 napja
  • Everyone gangsta until you realize the dog made the water bill 10x higher

    Lauren StevensLauren Stevens15 napja
  • I get the human eggs but…. *HOW THE HECK DID THEY GET HUMAN EGGS?-*

    LokiTokaLokiToka16 napja
    • I'm wondering the same thing.

      AmogusAmogus12 napja
  • back in the ole terrier days that dog would have been bear food for his cowardice.

    King GhidorahKing Ghidorah16 napja

    FOSSEL_san ಠ ͜ʖ ಠFOSSEL_san ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ16 napja
  • Humans don’t lay eggs

    joshua parlimentjoshua parliment16 napja
    • but they keep them inside until they are fertilized

      Luca BraliaLuca Bralia7 napja
  • thATS MAD

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  • The lack of attack on Titan references in this comment section is disappointing

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  • These are actually red candles

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  • 0:19 yo bro nice cgi, you can't fool the flat earthers!! :DD

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  • I never would have guessed that guy kept sponges in his drawer if he hadn't told me.

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  • I thought human embryos were supposed to be microscopic?

    SwiftBlade4SwiftBlade417 napja
  • 0:23 3rd impact ???

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  • If u still cant see these human eggs your just a blind

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  • 1:31 T-pose Airplane hedgehog

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  • 2:02 My life be like

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  • The guy:Peter are you in airplane mode again? Peter:my goals are beyond your understanding

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  • What is a human egg

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    • human egg

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  • 1:19 I thought Brainiac has come for his invasion

    14 Vyom Ranjan Pranjay14 Vyom Ranjan Pranjay18 napja
  • Whoa senpai is that you?

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  • The human eggs are so small but I thought they were even smaller

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  • everybody gangsta, until the hedgehog go in airplane mode

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    • @Marc Tyler yesss

      LemonLemon16 napja
    • Sonic the flyhog

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  • Why is this the first time I hear about this

    Freddy palacioFreddy palacio19 napja
  • Wait a sec- HUMAN EGGS?

    Disco DorkDisco Dork19 napja
    • You didn't know they existed?

      AmogusAmogus12 napja
  • 1:30 im dying, stoner guy

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  • 0:27 ouch

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  • How did they get those human eggs..?

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