Cat Realizes Its Owner Is Pregnant

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    • @EmperorPenguin 422 wow its so surprising and im really impressed.Seriously?

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    • 199 comments?imma make it 200

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  • 2:46 jenga vibez

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    Paradøx IncøgnitøParadøx Incøgnitø19 órája
  • 2:19 what was that demonic screeching

    potatopotato19 órája
  • Girl: awww my cat likes my babies Cat: so are you gonna sell them like you did with mine?

  • 2:55 maybe that turtle is doing some yoga🤣🤣😂😂

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  • all these poepl are LITERALLY pedophiles

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  • literally almost every simps : 1:28

  • a real life yertle the turtle.

  • 2:53 Oogway would be proud

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  • When I saw the original video the advert for it was titled when it comes to say goodbye

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  • People know to dip out of a place where Cobra Chickens lay their eggs. This man did the right thing and stayed the heck away from the Cobra Chicken.

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  • Half of his videos are memes

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  • If there's We Bare Bears show, then at 2:49 has We Pagong Gongs. 😂🤣

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  • Turtle be like "SuperTurtle!"

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  • 0:32 he sounds like Wat Tambor from the Techno union (a Star Wars faction)

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  • 2:35 Child: “Hey mom, I want a pet dinosaur!” The mother: “We have one at home.” The dinosaur at home:

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    • That video is awsome

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  • "Are you going to sell them like you did to mine?"

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  • "has a baby growing inside of them"... Um, 'them'?

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  • 1:28 bruh wtf are you doing

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  • that dog on the zipline got to experience the best version of sticking his head out the car window

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  • the cat can just hear the baby moving inside thats why it knows theres something

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  • Lol the kid making out with Billie eilish

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  • 1:27 I guess Billie is getting married today

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  • What kind of kid kisses a poster


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  • At the end of this, i have seen this before qnd even entered one too. It was boei g type i went into.

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  • Everyone: aww look he knows the owner is pregnant 😍 Cat: *mmmmm belly skin*

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  • Me if I was the kid kissing Billie’s posters’ sister I would be like “ uhmmmm uhh mom said dinner was ready uhh well you know what bye “

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  • 1st class get the comfy chairs, the crew get the comfy beds, haha.

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  • That cat at the beginning is super adorable.

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  • yep

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  • "THEIR owner has a baby growing inside of THEM" bro are you serious? Are we gonna pretend that this is not a woman just for the 0.5% of the population being non-binary trans?

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  • 2:45 who knows if this turtle if vibing till this day

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  • Is it just me or does the womb look like a burger bun

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  • 2:52 and thats what i call a turtle sandwich

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  • My dog max used to do that when I was pregnant with my first child. He doesn’t do that now even though I’m pregnant with my second child

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  • *cuts it off*

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  • Thanks for making my day better

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  • This sulfurwhatever deep voice gas it was, same effects as helium, it’s not healthy to use it like that. I once almost passed out trying that, because I didn’t know it’s dangerous.

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  • The dark digestion expectably blind because leek etiologically increase next a eatable gray. rightful, auspicious turret

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  • The Gas Breathing guy sounds like Moreau from resident evil village lol

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  • 2:52 my turtle love to do that when they was small they could pile up more than 3 turtle sometimes 5 turtle

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