Couch Gives Birth To A Cat

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Train Flood:

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  • The miracle of life.

    • Hello

      Indian NoobletIndian Nooblet19 napja
    • Ha

      Indian NoobletIndian Nooblet19 napja
    • To be able to talk with the same time .

      Crunchy Yum YumsCrunchy Yum YumsHónapja
    • lmao

    • Yey

      Stick AventurasStick AventurasHónapja
  • congrats 83th

    Sachin KumarSachin KumarÓrája
  • 1:19 Too many Josh

    leny handayanileny handayani2 órája
  • That Sheeep is not the sharpest tool in the shed

    Vince LopezVince Lopez2 órája
  • I thought it was "A cat gives birth to a couch" but okay..

    Konyaku PaseriKonyaku Paseri3 órája
  • last week down in victoria we had a flood not a big one i dont think

    AkuzaAkuza6 órája
  • 0:33 LMAO

    redfox2500redfox25009 órája
  • Josh josh josh josh lol

    Diø BrãñdøDiø Brãñdø9 órája
  • DDOI: In the end, the smallest Josh was named the winner. Me: Wow, there must have been a lot of Joshes, they had to name a Josh 'The winner'.

    CatManRobloxxxCatManRobloxxx10 órája
  • Me when guest are out: 0:03

    Joshua's vlogJoshua's vlog13 órája
  • It’s a BOY!!!

    Yaan BroYaan Bro13 órája
  • 2:23 me when i fall of my bed

    Goo GamerGoo Gamer14 órája
  • 🎶The circle of liiiiiife🎶

    Monsterclip1037Monsterclip103715 órája
  • 2:22 when I'm late for a class😭🤣

    Joud SulimanyJoud SulimanyNapja
  • 1:02 “ *yo your recording too much of my skin. This better not go to the internet* ”

  • Those black chicken is worth about 5k $ in India you can get those for around 350rs/4.71$

  • It is 6AM in the morning and I misread the title as something related to the couch getting the cat pregnant. I’m gonna go get some more sleep

    Viliam SmigelViliam SmigelNapja
  • Wowwww

  • The small puppy is a pistol and the retriever dog is a shotgun 😂😂

  • It is weird that this guy sounds like leafyishere

    Caleb ObrienCaleb ObrienNapja
  • Oppressed Chickens!!! CLM…..

    Taste The RainbowTaste The RainbowNapja
  • stop harassing that cat

  • stop harassing that toucan

  • PUUUSHH!!!!

    Amit PatelAmit PatelNapja
  • Cat gives birth to couch

    PRE - MicroBuildsPRE - MicroBuildsNapja
  • Congratulations! It’s a cat!

  • mother : coach

    Alypgz SeijiAlypgz SeijiNapja
  • The couch is a rare species of couch.

  • That chicken came out 'well done' on birth

    XeccessXeccess2 napja
  • 2:58 Looks like the railroads from Spirited Away

    Lluvia DaiLluvia Dai2 napja
  • Couch gives birth to a cat Cat gives birth to a couch

    ・💚♡☆ edd da green leader ☆ ♡💚 ・・💚♡☆ edd da green leader ☆ ♡💚 ・2 napja
  • The cat be like: HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEE

    StarStar LightStarStar Light2 napja
  • LOL

    sajan parutheyanisajan parutheyani2 napja
  • I read the title, then rubbed my eyes and read it again

    AmAst3r.25AmAst3r.252 napja
  • why is the title some thing an then it changes the subject

    JamezGamezJamezGamez3 napja
  • Oh my goddd I didn’t like the toucan part-

    • FłūffŷxCłøüd •• FłūffŷxCłøüd •3 napja
  • Meow

    Chat noirChat noir3 napja
  • Life finds a way I guess 😂

    Prince HassanPrince Hassan3 napja
  • The black chickens are called Kadaknath

    Adm!nAdm!n3 napja
  • 1:34 I wonder where is Seventeen's Josh

    Moon TaeilMoon Taeil3 napja
  • Best daily dose

    HazzardHazzard3 napja
  • Why did I read the title like this: “Cat gives birth to couch”

    •Chica Elianna••Chica Elianna•3 napja
  • Man: let me get you out sheep: yes I am out let’s go in again weee

    Kenneth MolanoKenneth Molano3 napja
  • omg whos the proud father?

    iLxbraPlayziiiLxbraPlayzii4 napja
  • Wow

    Christopher curnockChristopher curnock4 napja
  • 1:00 damn those nails

    OMP -OMP -4 napja
  • I swear I read “cat gives birth to couch-“ 😭✌️

    TokyoPixelTokyoPixel4 napja
  • Congratulations trench u have a sheep

    Arooba ZahidArooba Zahid4 napja
  • Congratulations 🥳 couch, its a *CAT*

  • Wow that toucan was really interesting 😍

    Abu NirmalAbu Nirmal4 napja
  • 1:58 does he use parachute?🧐

    Abu NirmalAbu Nirmal4 napja
  • Couch: *screaming in pain * Doctor: oh my god!! It's a girl!! Congratulations miss you got a baby girl!!

    Sweet_lxmonpushinSweet_lxmonpushin4 napja
  • My uncles kitten had 3 kittens yesterday and I was like “WHAT!?!?”

    Isabella ReyesIsabella Reyes4 napja
  • he wasn't named "the winner"... he was named "Josh".

    Michiel VandaleMichiel Vandale4 napja
  • The smallest josh won my: bruh all those ppl have ti change names lol

    Chen LiChen Li4 napja
  • Lolll

    Chen LiChen Li4 napja
  • The real question is how does that little Josh have Facebook.

    Naucho TacoNaucho Taco4 napja
    • maybe little josh’s parents gave the little josh permission or the little josh’s parents decided to name its account after the little josh?

      Alphabet TransitionerAlphabet Transitioner3 napja
  • I can imagine he writes down the most amazing facts just for the videos what a legend

    - Some Random Small Channel -- Some Random Small Channel -4 napja
  • people underestimated that josh kid lol

    XxAestheticWolfiexXXxAestheticWolfiexX4 napja
  • Meanwhile in a parallel universe: Cat gives birth to a couch

    Random DudeRandom Dude4 napja
  • 1:06 Plot twist: Its not the fan thats moving so fast, but the cat which brings it near lightspeed by his paw.

    Matze96DAKMatze96DAK5 napja
  • Авечка.

    TemortTemort5 napja
  • one of the joshes is slogoman

    Shathi Chowdhury VlogsShathi Chowdhury Vlogs5 napja
  • *Couch gives birth to a cat* National Geographic: We’ll explain that in another video.

    Adam RomeroAdam Romero5 napja
  • It's a girl!

    I like frosted flakes lolI like frosted flakes lol5 napja
  • Chair: AHHHHHHHHH CAT :3

    RichardGamingLiveYTRichardGamingLiveYT5 napja
  • Congratulations couch!

    James_GamingYTJames_GamingYT5 napja
  • The black chicken had to many cigars lol

    Valeriegatorgirl!!Valeriegatorgirl!!5 napja
  • 2:26 that is me playing the dinosaur game in Google when you have no internet !

    Chirag SharmaChirag Sharma6 napja
  • Woman: is giving birth* The baby: literally crawls out itself*

    TheFuturisticBeanieTheFuturisticBeanie6 napja
  • When mom said the visitors are gone:

    Pio marco DeveneciaPio marco Devenecia6 napja
  • Florida news: couch gives birth to cat

    Peter OyetadePeter Oyetade6 napja
  • Le cat :- That's my mommy

    Dvd dashDvd dash6 napja
  • When it's the end of the world 3:03

    •Caleb_playz•YTツ•Caleb_playz•YTツ6 napja
  • Whatttt?

    Abby The Dark CatAbby The Dark Cat6 napja
  • Read this is "Cat Giving Birth to Couch". Got scared for a second.

    Joe NutsJoe Nuts6 napja

    Cowgirls Of NebraskaCowgirls Of Nebraska6 napja
  • Almost like a crows blackness with a chicken body.

  • The cat : i dont have time let me out

    Javeria AhmerJaveria Ahmer6 napja
  • Nature sure is mysterious

    Blue RoseBlue Rose6 napja
  • The couch: my goals are beyond your understanding.

    Alister playzAlister playz6 napja
  • The sheep : yes I’m free I’m free I’m - Also the sheep : sh*t here we go again

    JY SAJY SA7 napja
  • 0:28 the sheep be like Hey kid come here and get me out of this thing I'll pay you a 100grand Gets out* Adios mofo Jumps* gets stuck again* Ah fuck, ya kids want 200 grand?

    Runald langRunald lang7 napja
  • DAM That antelope got bunny's

    XxAlecie4LifexXXxAlecie4LifexX7 napja
  • 0:03 "So that's where the cat went!"

    mochixfidgetsmochixfidgets7 napja
  • The 'HUlabel Algorithm' has united us all once again.

    AbstrxktAbstrxkt7 napja
  • The car when I wanna make silent videos : 1:07

    PrystaliaPlayzPrystaliaPlayz7 napja
  • Congratulations! Its a couat!

    ArcLight GamesArcLight Games7 napja
  • How come no one says anything about the lady that jumped into nowhere? Anyone knows what happened to her?

    chusty93chusty937 napja
  • Who else read this as “cat gives birth to couch” ? Just me?

    Vivian WrightVivian Wright7 napja
  • How did the cat get in the couch?

    Brian SmithBrian Smith7 napja
  • "is that a man in the couch?" "that's the cat in the couch!" "call him an a**hole!"

    Kat VKat V7 napja
  • Couch = cat???

    UnknownUnknown7 napja
  • Not gonna lie tittle was kinda weird

    scot2820 scot2820scot2820 scot28207 napja

    DarkStone 606DarkStone 6068 napja
  • That couch is gonna be a good mom.

    Sakura UchihaSakura Uchiha8 napja
  • Congratulations, oh no, ma’am it appears your child is a *furry.*

    Katsuki BakugoKatsuki Bakugo8 napja
  • when the guests are gone

    AK LaBAK LaB8 napja
  • Leafy nigga is dat you

    *Staple Gun**Staple Gun*8 napja

    ShadzYTShadzYT8 napja