Cat Politely Asks Man For Pets

Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a cat touches a man's beard and asks to be pet.

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Windows: guthrieruby

Backwards Car: 275851267499...

Arrow Trickshot: jamesjeantr...

Dog Park:

Satellites: pCPLssMnHDPh/

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Also in this video, SpaceX satellites travel in the sky. A man spins a cat on the floor. A car drives backwards on the highway. Doing a science experiment with baking soda and ketchup. A man can curve an arrow and is an excellent archer. A man drives and R/C car at a dog park.

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  • The hamster at the end was the literal definition of, “Hang in there”

    ReeseReese29 napja
    • 170th comment!

      Hector MazoHector Mazo9 napja
    • Yoo my hamster was used to do that. Then he died from injury

      Luca AngeliLuca Angeli11 napja
    • yea it be even funnier if it was figuratively the definition of “hang in there”

      VR Gaming and MoreVR Gaming and More17 napja
    • Ikr

      🌸Sofixy🌸🌸Sofixy🌸18 napja
    • My life

      Kid PowerKid Power18 napja
  • "This driver was driving backwards" *Tenet theme plays*

    Jesse BondJesse Bond6 órája
  • all i could think during the rc was "RUNIN IN THE NINTEYS, ITS A NEW WAY A LIK TO BE IM JUST"

    A Moobloom A Moobloom 17 órája
  • The SpaceX satellites made me sad ... polluting the earth isn't enough and now we are dumping skies too with SpaceX, Starlink etc.

  • The Seal didn't have to get political on us

    Its PrestigeIts PrestigeNapja

    Campbell HoareCampbell Hoare2 napja
  • 0:18

    VP3VP33 napja
  • 1. That cat DOES NOT like spinning. I guarantee you this. 2. Cars who reverse up onramps are called "Canadians"

    Marty McFlyMarty McFly3 napja
  • 1:55 this is a bloody crime scene lol

    Alliyah GavreelAlliyah Gavreel3 napja
  • That cats got some shifu style wiskers

    lonely jordonlonely jordon3 napja
  • Good boi

    ꧁ Moonhidora! ꧂꧁ Moonhidora! ꧂3 napja
  • I need whatever that seal was on 😂😂

    James ✔ James ✔ 3 napja
  • The TV cannot be defeated

    Quit read descQuit read desc4 napja
  • The arrow is actually the skilled one

    Quit read descQuit read desc4 napja
  • Plot twist: the car was actually the actor of Mator

    Quit read descQuit read desc4 napja
  • 0:35 In a galaxy far far awa- *STAR WARS SOUNDTRACK ROLLS IN*

    SnapulousSnapulous4 napja
  • 1:57 Uchiha Itachi

    А СеменовА Семенов4 napja
  • Spoiler: That car wasn't moving backwards, everyone other car was moving backwards... The video is in reverse.

    Oreva OsaretinwmenOreva Osaretinwmen4 napja
  • Only in Ohio....

    Joshua SchoppJoshua Schopp4 napja
  • Dang that Ohio car clip I know that place

    The News BreakerThe News Breaker4 napja
  • That man really skipped leg day

    yesyes4 napja
  • 0:30 that's a sign you should keep it

    Toriel is a good momToriel is a good mom5 napja
  • 1:35 Plz don't promote food wasting videos.

    pratik kharatpratik kharat6 napja
  • 1:03 Interstellar 1:09 Tenet

    pratik kharatpratik kharat6 napja
  • 1:48 me after having too much beer

    Your Fren BenYour Fren Ben6 napja
  • Bruh the rocks looked like gummies with sour powder on them

    Russian empireRussian empire6 napja
  • Hamster in the end: king kong mode

    jairusTVjairusTV6 napja
  • 2:42 Infinity stones

    Spicy JensenvsSpicy Jensenvs6 napja
  • My cat would have gone at least 20 more miles an hour

    Tyler HernandezTyler Hernandez6 napja
  • "Why is a man happily dancing outside my shop window and filming me?"

    Virtual JamVirtual Jam6 napja
    • lol, yeah... he probably looked a bit silly.

      Leide Keine DummköpfeLeide Keine Dummköpfe5 napja
  • 1:11 He was not driving backwards. He is just inverted.

    H.B.H.B.6 napja
  • Those dogs probably got an exercise while chasing the R.C Car!!

    Bingu’s lil’ brotherBingu’s lil’ brother6 napja
  • Lazerbeam watched this one 0:26

    Mr. shardMr. shard6 napja
  • Rip the grass

    Jack ChhunJack Chhun7 napja
  • 1:10 plot twist: everyone else was riding backwards and he was driving normal and this was rewinded

    PepisgamingPepisgaming7 napja
  • 2:18 that dude played Nintendogs in real life

    Nuredin GeziqiNuredin Geziqi8 napja
  • The wandering multi-hop expectably drown because balance serologically file over a conscious jason. amusing, foregoing friday

    nh swnh sw8 napja
  • The spacex satellites are evolving... they learned how to group with each other

    Blue PlaysBlue Plays8 napja
  • 1:13 that’s a 10/10 for me on that mans driving skills

    Pugimus gamingPugimus gaming8 napja
  • Me after eating taco bell 1:50

    K N I G H TK N I G H T8 napja
  • Me when I sneeze while on my period 1:48

    Jemima MimaJemima Mima8 napja
  • 0:03 just a video with a cat 0:18 interesting, a screaming seal 0:26 just a guy throwing a broken tv 0:35 very interesting, you don't see a train like that every day 0:49 just a video with a dog 0:55 just a guy spinning a cat 1:10 interesting, car driving backwards 1:35 kinda interesting experiment 1:56 very interesting archer 2:19 a bit interesting, dogs running after a RC car 2:37 interesting glass 2:55 just a guy and reflections 3:11 an ok outro, cute hamster

    BENBEN8 napja
    • just a ... < a bit interesting < kinda interesting < interesting < very interesting

      BENBEN8 napja
  • nobody: bullets in any battlefield game: 0:34

    splash splash ur opinion is trash -splash splash ur opinion is trash -8 napja
  • When I was listening the sound of the seal and my mom is like "Is that KEVIN HART?"

    Aniston T.G.Aniston T.G.9 napja
  • Really enjoyed this,but it was much too short. It ended before I wanted it to end.

    Johnny WhiteJohnny White9 napja
  • xD

    myomin oomyomin oo9 napja
  • my cat does that too

    EmptySpaceEmptySpace9 napja
  • On the cat one it Either liked it or was too lazy to do anything about it

    Jeremy RobbinsJeremy Robbins9 napja
  • 3:17 was the funniest 😆

    T H E  L I F E S T Y L E ??T H E L I F E S T Y L E ??9 napja
  • Ooh... OoOOOoooOooOOOOOOooh. OOOoOHOHhOHOhohoOHOHOHohoHO

    MiecioMiecio9 napja
  • i see a car driving backwards instantly makes me remember when my dad reverses his van after picking me up from school. Everyone watches deeply. qwq

    TobikoいいTobikoいい10 napja
  • Man: brings car Dogs: and we took that personally

    ඩ Susඩ Sus10 napja
  • At the end the end the satelits realy look like a flying ufo lol

    Markes Z.Markes Z.10 napja
  • Subscribe to save the hamster from falling down! bec I did 😄

    _Krystian__Krystian_10 napja
  • Cat pet a man

    chana wangchana wang11 napja
  • "Ancient pieces of glass that were shaped by being in the ocean for HUNDREDS of years" - Damn hundreds is a long time..

    Gaius BaltarGaius Baltar11 napja
    • @Satsuki Shirotae My point is that hundreds of years is not ancient..

      Gaius BaltarGaius Baltar10 napja
    • ur point

      Satsuki ShirotaeSatsuki Shirotae11 napja
  • 1:56 sova mains hittin the enemy with shock dart

    Not a GlitchNot a Glitch11 napja
  • I see TENET in real life

    Yong Jian ChanYong Jian Chan11 napja
  • 1:59 What normal people says: *Oh wow!* What Gamer people says: *Hacker*

    TheDreamerTheDreamer11 napja
  • That TV clip was worth faaaar more than the TV itself

    SincerelyVinceSincerelyVince11 napja
  • 3:12 That hamster is gonna break out of his cage like Iroh did in Avatar the Last Airbender.

    SwiftBlade4SwiftBlade411 napja
  • When she say she not a squirter 1:45

    Stavros 98Stavros 9811 napja
  • 1:15 no, it's just modern tow mater.

    ay,itz.hxolloway,itz.hxollow11 napja
  • 1:00 ballet cat 😹😻😹😻😹😻

    Sonia LiSonia Li11 napja
  • this guy with the cat looks like the guy in bigfoot family

    Nicky GreenNicky Green11 napja
  • Why did I originally think that the title was “Man politely asks cat for pets”- bruh

    xjojo_x11xjojo_x1111 napja
  • The TV had no last words because it knew that was not its day to die.

    Mr.Dr.KaiserMr.Dr.Kaiser11 napja
  • Oof

    aria jeongaria jeong11 napja
  • Did anyone notice the Stars around the Space-X Satellite disappeared while the lights were close?

    Adam AcordAdam Acord11 napja
  • now do *man politely ask cat for pets*

    kokobeekokobee12 napja
  • I found one of those glass rock things...... In the middle of the dessert

    King blobKing blob12 napja
  • The cat loves to spin because he wants to be a fast boi like sonic the hedgehog

    AwsomeKidGamer2011AwsomeKidGamer201112 napja
  • what was that last video 😂

    ThrutzThrutz12 napja
  • where is the vid of the seal from? i cant find it on its own upload.

    Vincent AuriemmaVincent Auriemma12 napja
  • Can you pet the daily dose subscribe button?

    Artistic LPSArtistic LPS12 napja
  • The new way to put ketchup on your hotdogs/burgers/other

    Zig MasterZig Master12 napja
  • 0:18 Me when I stub my toe-

    Decipher DignityDecipher Dignity12 napja
  • 2:16 where the hit marker was created

    Ramon GilbertRamon Gilbert13 napja
  • the car is moonwalking

    SenpaiSenpai13 napja
  • It's 2021 1:13

    boomerboomer13 napja
  • So those space satlights i learned were elon musks satlights i hqve actually seen them before while i was out camping with my friends

    Wario JudahWario Judah13 napja
  • 0:18 to 0:25 the seal almost sounded like a human. For example the seal sounds like brian shaw who is pulling a heavy truck.😆😆😆🤨🤨

    avengers endgameavengers endgame13 napja
  • i found the add too good

    dev saharawatdev saharawat13 napja
  • Cat go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Xzync_[TOXICKッXzync_[TOXICKッ13 napja
  • 0:18 how special ed kids sound in the hallway

    ЅШΔƬЅШΔƬ13 napja
  • POV: you’re trying to run form the archer and you turn a curve. you think you’re safe, but then you see the arROW COMING AT YOU AT FULL SPEED.

    🦋 Butterfly Roblox 🦋🦋 Butterfly Roblox 🦋13 napja
  • I saw those space x Satellites too last year. Looked very creepy

    Lukas A.Lukas A.13 napja
  • 0:57 2021 fidget spinner prototype, people say yeah its cute but fidget spinners suck

    Mike WellsworthMike Wellsworth13 napja
  • 0:30 respect 😂🤌🏻

    Safa AlaniSafa Alani14 napja
  • That is the weirdest pronunciation of ketchup I’ve ever heard 😶

    humixmusic4lyfhumixmusic4lyf14 napja
  • Lol the obese dog

  • more cookie

    Aaron AndersenAaron Andersen14 napja
  • I’m not Shaw that the animal was a real person doing that sound affect

    Ryan OfficerRyan Officer14 napja
  • 1:45 all man after NNN end

    Ranu - KunRanu - Kun14 napja
  • The person in the car was like wait a second I forgot to get onions welp gotta go fast

    Cool ninja gamingCool ninja gaming14 napja
  • Jesus Christ is great and he loves you all. He even died in the cross for our sins so that we can be saved and granted eternal life. May we all repent and follow the Lord because it’s worth it. 👍✝️❤️

    Christian SpectroChristian Spectro14 napja
  • 1:50 and for this all the money from yt r going? lol

    jackthewolfcubjackthewolfcub14 napja
  • 1:33 Also works with if you want to make a Franks Red hot shooter.

    STONEDaySTONEDay14 napja
  • 0:41 what’s that other light moving behind them?

    Heather FaheyHeather Fahey14 napja
  • my cat does the same thing to me to

    JensenFilmsJensenFilms14 napja