Sheep Goes Years Without Being Sheared

Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a sheep was lost and finally gets sheared for the first time in year.

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Cat Coin:

Plane Path:

Seal: cassidy_k_



Face Mask:

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Also in this video, someone found an old joke a student made from 100 years ago. A sea anemone escapes from a hungry star fish. Someone made a life-sized Lego helmet. Planes travel on the same path from the United States to Europe.

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  • To the people saying "Take that vegans, sheep need to be sheared to survive." Please understand that sheep survived for a long time without the help of humans. It wasn't until we selectively bred certain sheep starting in the 13th century to create an evolutionary nightmare.

    SneakySneaky3 hónapja
    • yes but ppl only shear domesticated sheep

      akhileshakhilesh19 napja
    • @ثواب من فضل الله Trend Come w h a t

      Basil The Gay FlowerboyBasil The Gay Flowerboy20 napja
    • I am not a vegan but yes we bred them toware now they need us and yeah there is still the wild species but we probably bred some of those to

      Renee Beeson-DelgadoRenee Beeson-Delgado20 napja
    • Loo

      Sabin Paysafe2Sabin Paysafe221 napja
    • Okay, well Take that carnivores, this is one sheep you will not eat!

      Disguised Dv8antDisguised Dv8ant26 napja
  • Proof that kids being little smartasses is not an artifact of modern times.

    John TumahabJohn Tumahab2 napja
  • dont forget us ;)

    Norman McBlackfishNorman McBlackfish3 napja
  • 1:56 I always try this at a buffet

    Bokaj01Bokaj013 napja
  • Omg the sea creature is dancing

    NobodyNobody3 napja
  • guess who's coming to dinner

    XO Gold J.G.S.XO Gold J.G.S.3 napja
  • Wow! That Sheep looks like a giant turd!

    Joe BloggsJoe Bloggs4 napja
  • 2:31 the cats like try to down slow me

    Noah AlbertsNoah Alberts4 napja
  • Rasta sheep is the GOAT.

    Nasty BelowseaNasty Belowsea5 napja
  • The sheep owner after he shaved the sheep: 🙌💵💲💲💵💵💵💰💰 (Becouse wool in my country is expensive)

    Galaxy_Queen💞Galaxy_Queen💞5 napja
  • That sheep looked like a driedup nut sack.😟

    Ming JaejoongMing Jaejoong5 napja
  • This is where dreadlock got it inspiration from.

    jet blackjet black5 napja
  • looks like a giant pile of poo

    Danny jamesDanny james5 napja
  • Man, the thumbnail had me thinking that thing was a huge Quaggan Turd from GW2.

    Horace JohnsonHorace Johnson5 napja
  • Did they get the sheeps consent before chopping his locs? 'Cause it looks to me like he's big chillin.

    The Silent HeroThe Silent Hero5 napja
  • The poor creature got away unnoticed just sitting somewhere looking like a rock.

    Ma BalyamMa Balyam6 napja
  • 1:30 :the jellyfish got some moves🤣🤣🤣

    bunny bunny boba_girlbunny bunny boba_girl6 napja
  • Man you have a pissy voice.

    Ikke 64Ikke 646 napja
  • I imagine if the sheep color is pink looks like pink shep in exploding tnt in minecraft LOL 😂

    Luela GenetaLuela Geneta6 napja
  • The Blob 3, you eat yourself.

    UphevalUpheval6 napja
  • My fav: here is a seal that looks like a circle ⭕️

    Marie TaylorMarie Taylor6 napja

    BarbatrucoBarbatruco6 napja
  • a homeless sheep

    RipaaayRipaaay7 napja
  • 3:09 that guy look like he needs some help

    mochixfidgetsmochixfidgets7 napja
  • lucky sheep...story of the lost sheep

  • why is my mind being something else weirder hahah, i like that sheep tho

    DragoH Gaming ProductionsDragoH Gaming Productions7 napja
  • pewdiepie watching howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Jenyel Yt gamingJenyel Yt gaming7 napja
  • Two words antemal abuse ! I said antemal instead of animal 😄 but yeah who owns that cheap whoever owns the Sheep needs to be in jail for not shaving him

    OpenMinded DollOpenMinded Doll7 napja
  • OK~

    리하리하7 napja
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  • bodoh who got mask is crazy and stupid

    show drawing channelshow drawing channel7 napja
  • I know you are leafy you SOB

    GinniWOPGinniWOP7 napja
  • I got a book older than that. It wasn't given a Copywrite it was signed into an act of congress its so old.

    Zepherius CollinsZepherius Collins7 napja

    NoodlePrinceNoodlePrince8 napja
  • The best part was the sea anemone twerking.

    Bienville25Bienville258 napja
  • I am curious. Before domesticated by human, how does sheep survive in the wild without shearing?

    Mohd NazarudinMohd Nazarudin8 napja
  • 30,000th coment cool!

    ØLeafyØ GamezØLeafyØ Gamez8 napja
  • Everyone: It's so cold! The sheep: Bruh what do you mean cold?! This is fine *excessive flexing*

    Cru1sePlayzCru1sePlayz8 napja
  • I thought the thumbnail is like someone's lung get a cancer

    Jason KUJason KU8 napja
  • 01:26 Lil Yachty

    CentaurCentaur8 napja
  • 2:04 Me when mom gives food but homies are calling me

    Jayesh WadhwaJayesh Wadhwa8 napja
  • Really, 28 sec on the sheep and then some other crap, I call clickbait!

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson8 napja
  • The jumbled story bareilly warm because distributor frustratingly itch off a didactic pastry. voracious, daffy cattle

    gerald smithgerald smith8 napja
  • Lets just apreciate that he shows the video of the thumbnail first instead of in the middle of the video ✋🏼😭

    Random_ WeebRandom_ Weeb8 napja
  • 1:33 that looks like me when I wake up

    LOCPHUC Boiz's familyLOCPHUC Boiz's family8 napja
  • 1:46 danceing

    gummyjohn tvgummyjohn tv8 napja
  • She looks like some sniper assasin on a mission in the Andes covered

    The EmperorThe Emperor8 napja
  • nobody: the sea anemone: 💃💃🕺🕺

    nobbutnobbut8 napja
  • Little Bo Peep can cancel the amber alert after finding lost sheep.

    Terry HeickTerry Heick8 napja
  • Yoo Rasta sheep

    GTO 90bandGTO 90band8 napja
  • When i tell my friend they gave me a bad high five 2:31

    ScruffytheninjaScruffytheninja8 napja
  • I went 8 months without taking a shower and this is how I felt!

    Johnny Quest61Johnny Quest618 napja
  • 00:47 the bar's bouta hit his head

    abby ruthabby ruth8 napja
  • Dancing sea thing

    Ian DentIan Dent8 napja
  • its os fluffy im going to die ouo

    Unicorn AlphaUnicorn Alpha8 napja
  • I rarely *dislike videos, but I did this one.

    Taio OmoroseTaio Omorose8 napja
  • Why is nobody talking about how neat the handwriting of the 12 yr old is? Like most 12 yr olds now still write like kindergartners but this dude writes like he’s been through 3 wars and has 12 grandchildren

    Kyla MontoyaKyla Montoya8 napja
  • This video is stupid and so is the person that made it.

    Jason RogersJason Rogers8 napja
  • Now THAT is the oldest rickroll in history 0:56

    Qwoot__SorrieeQwoot__Sorriee8 napja
  • sorry 😥

    AmandaAmanda8 napja
  • 12 million people: Intresting?

    MarioJustUploadedMarioJustUploaded8 napja
  • Why can't I respond to Sneaky's comment? I want to talk to him and ask him why he's demonizing humans and treating vegans like they're in the right for attacking meat eaters!

    meta527IImeta527II8 napja
  • definetly one of those videos where youre like how did I end up here

    Que Que 9 napja
  • This guy is making the $$$ with these simple videos. Fucking smart

    Lawrence ReitanLawrence Reitan9 napja
  • That sheep is the judge of UK's criminal sheep's on sheep court he just need some glasses & judge outfit to wear

    Nick HadiNick Hadi9 napja
  • 1:37 isn't anyone going to tell that it look like a lantern... nevermind

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  • Put me off my roast lamb dinner

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  • lol

    Maestro RoshiMaestro Roshi9 napja
  • ppl in quarantine be like the sheep

    DipWobDipWob9 napja
  • girl: lego is just a toy. boys: Just a toy? BEGONE!

    DeNubDeNub9 napja
  • Look at it like this, the sheep is invincible, no tiger or preditor can kill him because of all that body armor

    Nyo TenguNyo Tengu9 napja
  • I’m pretty sure farm sheep are bioengineered to not shed and to grow wool faster, otherwise how the hell would wild sheep live

    Bertie ChaosBertie Chaos9 napja
  • 0:46 oh

    Nguyễn Viết Tùng DươngNguyễn Viết Tùng Dương9 napja
  • 1:20 Starfish: want to eat sea enemy Sea Enemy: *d a n c e*

    RamLinRamLin9 napja
  • that like 3000 dollars of wool I'm sure the owner is a lot happier

    fitzgerald stonerfitzgerald stoner9 napja
  • listed to block this channel. thank you for the 44seconds dumbass..

    Luther John Meylville EspinosaLuther John Meylville Espinosa9 napja
  • the word is "shorn"

    Old DougOld Doug9 napja
  • there itteraly 2 planes have crashed there

    Romaners SJRomaners SJ9 napja
  • @Sneaky "take that vegans" omegalul.. you are so cringe worthy... no one cares for your opinion or lifestyle,. nobody wrote something about vegans, only the vegans are doing that...

    CruzZCruzZ9 napja
  • Damm I thought it was a Brain and it moved like wtf.

    Sajib RahmanSajib Rahman9 napja
  • 1:28 me skipping out of class ready to eat

    obvi evaobvi eva9 napja
  • 1:44 *Finally, a fish version of me home alone.*

    Chimken DinnetChimken Dinnet9 napja
  • A sheep left unshaved is no laughing matter. It makes the sheep suffer from parasitic infections.

    Y QisqY Qisq9 napja
  • it's that fat sheep from shaun the sheep lmao.

    8-288-289 napja
  • then you mean, sheeps in cavemen times looked like this because nobody sheared them?

    TheNightsMelodyTheNightsMelody9 napja
  • 睾丸

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  • Фига се, Боб Марли, один сплошной дред)))

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  • page 100 ; hello my name is tom riddle

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  • 2:33 slappity slap slap

    °~•.Michael_Jackson_Bendy.•~°°~•.Michael_Jackson_Bendy.•~°9 napja
  • 1:30 dance time.

    °~•.Michael_Jackson_Bendy.•~°°~•.Michael_Jackson_Bendy.•~°9 napja
  • this guy sounds like gamers react

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  • The sheep was like “about time” 😂

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  • Seel's like: Human, I'm fabulous!

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  • send peta this, they will die from anaphylaxis

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  • 1:32 roblox stylish walk but in the sea

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  • i needed that round seal

    NURS3 1CH1K4 ! x_oNURS3 1CH1K4 ! x_o9 napja