Firefighter Saves Man From Falling Out Window

Hello everyone, this is YOUR Daily Dose of Internet. In this video, a firefighter saves a man from falling out a window.

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Also in this video, pigeons push another pigeon in front of a train. A skydive instructor saves someone by opening their parachute. A man takes a timelapse of their acne for 2 years. A cat that loves a massage. A jar that removes all air. A police officer wants to know the color of their car.

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  • I really just watched two pigeons attempt murder on another pigeon 😳

    LionyxLionyx3 hónapja
    • @FishTaco chillout

      DatGayDangerNoodleDatGayDangerNoodle7 napja
    • yesen

      mvaldesschmvaldessch15 napja
    • yesen

      mvaldesschmvaldessch15 napja
    • this is how whats happening now happened

      Aryan GargAryan Garg2 hónapja
    • @Larson Prospecting wtf?

      Sunshine AndreiSunshine Andrei3 hónapja
  • 0:43 they haven't brainwashed the dogs yet!

    BraydenBrayden6 órája
  • 0:52 Gang beasts b like

    MisouMisou22 órája
  • why was that door there..

    Alan WatAlan WatNapja
  • Pigeon guards killing the victim:{

    Melissa ChavezMelissa ChavezNapja
  • Dude are your sure that cat was getting a massage or getting harassed?

    Wild BreakfastWild BreakfastNapja
  • It's great the pigeon survived but now he's gonna be traumatized by trains

    jojit camerojojit cameroNapja
  • Oh my god how on earth did he fall out of the window

    Joseph Anthony AguinaldoJoseph Anthony Aguinaldo2 napja
  • I was more stressed about the piegion

    Batman ninja Mirza ToenailBatman ninja Mirza Toenail4 napja
  • i learnt that cats can enjoy bdsm....

    GraysonGrayson4 napja
  • She wasnt interested, shes just gotta write it down lmao

    Luke SaucewalkerLuke Saucewalker4 napja
  • the ass that is hitting that poor cat, cruelty not enjoyable to the animal he should have it taken away and charged.

    Cat GCat G5 napja
  • Even the dogs are tired of the masks lol

    MoonRoseMoonRose5 napja
  • Anyone else wonder how that elderly man fell out of the window

    Colton HColton H5 napja
  • 2:00 thats not nice

    PotatoPotato5 napja
  • 2:00 cat be like oh yes beat me harder human

    tabl ostabl os5 napja
  • Yeaa the dog knows best. "Get rid of that shit"

    Az _Az _6 napja
  • Meh

    ThederpychaosThederpychaos6 napja
  • Anime protagonist saves the day scene

  • My country's president said the same thing as the dog about the pandemic... Coincidence?

    Sarah UchôaSarah Uchôa6 napja
  • did i j watch a cat get pegged w/o getting pegged

    jay nayefjay nayef6 napja
  • Why did he go swinging outsdie etc and not just walk in the room where the lady was to pull the man up?

    Jesse BellaJesse Bella6 napja
  • the officer wasnt interested in the color of the car, they need to specify on the ticket what color the car is.

  • Those pigeons are going to juvenile

    VoyageVoyage7 napja
  • I love your videos

  • NEED to stretch them kamaquats couched potato

    DJinn MakkarDJinn Makkar7 napja
  • 0:45 Hi, Dandy!

    Алексей КочановАлексей Кочанов7 napja
  • Boys: *shouting in horror* The pigeon be like: Dude I do this everyday...

    Suryash MalviyaSuryash Malviya7 napja
  • The pigeon mafia will finish the job

    Sucka BoiSucka Boi7 napja
  • Dumb old man

    sea birdsea bird8 napja
  • ‘This cat enjoys getting a good massage’ SMACK SMACK SMACK

    The durpy British pugThe durpy British pug8 napja
  • Lter 😂

    Jeevan GillJeevan Gill8 napja
  • did he say sososa

    amazing airportamazing airport8 napja
  • Breaking news: a stupid elder man fell out of a window and died (everyone laughed) now getting into today's weather:

    Daily Dino Gaming Daily Dino Gaming 8 napja
    • that isnt funny what

      BmwBmw8 napja
  • The first part: how he just risked his own life for someone else’s, now that’s called true love 🥺🥺

    ii_dxisyii_dxisy8 napja

    Just a NoobJust a Noob8 napja
  • “Fell” x for doubt

    Will RussellWill Russell9 napja
  • Love how ddof uses gender neutral pronouns when gender is not known

    Alexandru IacobescuAlexandru Iacobescu9 napja
  • Ok

    gotchaTOEgotchaTOE10 napja
  • The first one was in China right? Cuz the uniform and I heard someone say help

    jiabin zhangjiabin zhang10 napja
  • That's actually a good point. What do police write down in their report when they have to describe a car with a fancy paint job that shifts colors?

    ClannerA01ClannerA0110 napja
  • 2:13 Cat : my turn now

    Kazerito KazeHeistKazerito KazeHeist10 napja
  • Its not pigeon murder, they juste wanted to mate no?

    GyK GGyK G10 napja
  • Never Gonna Give You Up

    Egg_AnimatesEgg_Animates10 napja
  • the firefighter is literally wearing nikes are u kidding me

    TomSuperGamerTomSuperGamer10 napja
  • 2:51 try a Doritos bag and expose them!

    Spencer MossSpencer Moss10 napja
  • " SAVE ME IM GOING TO FALL DOWN " one minute sir my im finding my recorder

    國二8班10號丁少棠Austin國二8班10號丁少棠Austin10 napja
  • Imagine if someone used this container while buying lays.

    shekhar bhardwajshekhar bhardwaj10 napja
  • You can see how shooketh the people in the background are ( at 0:50 )

    キノコ-Kinoko-キノコ-Kinoko-10 napja
  • The last one is hilarious!

    Legion RidesLegion Rides10 napja
  • Then pigeon mafia doesn't mess around.

    Swoog3GSwoog3G10 napja
  • This person in the time-lapse looked different .. I counted 10 different people lol ..)

    Hibah PriceHibah Price10 napja
  • The old man was out the window because he got locked out of the apartment and he was worried for his wife who has a heart condition. So he climbed up the window but got stuck.

    Mammon TustadoMammon Tustado10 napja
  • That firefighter is living proof that not all heroes wear capes.

    Pratima AnavekarPratima Anavekar11 napja
  • How do you fall out a window ffs

    Club n BoneClub n Bone11 napja
  • Translation: GO! GO! GO!

    Cool pooCool poo11 napja
  • cat like it rough

    YeetmumuYeetmumu11 napja
  • Pidgeon mobsters.

    HolyDr1verHolyDr1ver11 napja
  • masochist cat

    SmolNathaliehSmolNathalieh11 napja
  • with the one with the container air lid thingy u could put a bug in there if u really wanted to lol

    daniellejungledaniellejungle11 napja
  • 0:49

    Red Red 11 napja
  • 2:16 me and the boys turning creative on

    Dmr GamingDmr Gaming11 napja
  • BDSM Cat

    Karan S'jetKaran S'jet11 napja
  • The cop asked because the color has to be marked onto the ticket or the driver can say "not me, not my car" if it says blue, and the car is purple. Dumb, yes... Plates are plates and driver is driver, but depending on jurisdiction and case judge, this might be grounds for dismissal. I've won disputes on tickets this way many times.

    Richie BeeRichie Bee12 napja
  • That cats in some freaky deaky stuff

    Jasmine KobbJasmine Kobb12 napja
  • About the container that removes air - I was more distracted by how the person using it was using the end of her nails to push down on the button than the actual container herself. Anyone else?

    Noah TekulveNoah Tekulve12 napja
  • At 2:02 that is the darkest cat I’ve ever seen

    Trevor NormanTrevor Norman13 napja
  • the guy prob rushed to jump of the window to save himself.Stupid move if it's true but when under pressure the brain just goes autopliot.

    IDK WhoiamIDK Whoiam13 napja
  • 1:01 thank god My heart started beating

    Afrah KhizerAfrah Khizer13 napja
  • The pigeon was dead.. on the inside

    Sooryan ShivSooryan Shiv13 napja

    Your Sleep Paralysis DemonYour Sleep Paralysis Demon13 napja
  • Anyone know who makes that airtight container?

    boe dillardboe dillard13 napja
  • How do you fall out of a window

    Ilan AlvaradoIlan Alvarado13 napja
  • Respect the elders

    Marlon AlbaytarMarlon Albaytar14 napja
  • How do you fall out of a window like that? One would have to practically crawl out of it.

    cere tomercere tomer14 napja
    • the guy prob rushed to jump of the window to save himself.Stupid move if it's true but when under pressure the brain just goes autopliot.

      IDK WhoiamIDK Whoiam13 napja
  • I like how the cat went “ok now your turn”

    keelpkeelp14 napja
  • did the man fall out

    Waves on 20 FPSWaves on 20 FPS14 napja
    • the guy prob rushed to jump of the window to save himself.Stupid move if it's true but when under pressure the brain just goes autopliot.

      IDK WhoiamIDK Whoiam13 napja
  • No the cat didn’t enjoy that as is obvious by the cats behavior, his ears pinned back, he’s biting on that rope to take out his frustration, and when he turns around you can see he isn’t relaxed, he is irritated. And very possibly could have a bruise spine don’t treat your cat like that if you want to take out your frustrations go to a boxing ring and go face-to-face with other grown humans don’t beat on your cat

    trixie beldontrixie beldon14 napja
  • he just tried to be Jacky Chan

    BlaseBlameBlaseBlame15 napja
  • 1:00 physically that is

    BonketsuBonketsu15 napja
  • Pigeon was alive cause it was carring it's bottle of Tapatio (TM) hot sauce.

    José AlonsoJosé Alonso15 napja
  • 0:31 wedgie of his life

    Monk44Monk4415 napja
  • *dat dog doe*

    Joseph MartelJoseph Martel16 napja
  • 3:07 They do that say they can mark down your car Example: Red Tesla - plate 2cul4u

    Alexander BarnettAlexander Barnett16 napja
  • WE all know it ... that cats a freak!

    Vlad the IIIVlad the III16 napja
  • I always wonder that how these people get in these situations. Like "i was having a breakfast and suddenly fell from my window"

    Big DannyBig Danny16 napja
  • 0:50 ayo is da pigeon mafia

    M6fiacat GammingM6fiacat Gamming16 napja
  • How inspiring to hear the distress in the voices of those people seeing a pigeon get thrown on the tracks of an oncoming them 🤗 edit: thanks Daily Dose of Internet, for confirming the well being of the pigeon, I needed that.

    susan ivysusan ivy16 napja
  • I took me almost the entire clip to realize his hat was moving due to the escalator and was not computer animated in some way. 👉🤯💨 such a ditz 🧠

    susan ivysusan ivy16 napja
  • Show that vacuum container to Lay's

    Stoja BSStoja BS16 napja
  • later

    Viking ZeroViking Zero17 napja
  • Wait... how do you accidentally almost fall out of a window?

    Knight-TimeKnight-Time17 napja
  • guy: *speeding* cop: THE COLOR OF THE CAR IS... i don't know it's every color

    NFLMixesHDNFLMixesHD17 napja
  • How do you “fall out of a window”?

    Ryan MarcantonioRyan Marcantonio17 napja

    Renjini SomanRenjini Soman17 napja
  • Do the apartments in that man's building not have doors?

    M BradleyM Bradley17 napja
  • 0:49 Pigeon 1: TELL US WHERE TEH BREAD CRUM STASH IS GREG! Pigeon greg: NEVER! Pigeon 1: fine then, have it your way. MY GOONS, EXECUTE HIM

    Speed WagonSpeed Wagon17 napja
  • Now the question is... HOW THE FRICK DID HE GET THERE???

    GunnarGunnar18 napja
  • that pigeon didn't pay the protection fees on time

    Mista Boi BoiMista Boi Boi18 napja
  • How do you just fall out a window -- I'd like to know the backstory on that

    Truck TaxiTruck Taxi18 napja